Shipping goods internationally is a highly complex process which is why US Customs requires the use of a licensed customs broker to help navigate the complicated forms and procedures. Choosing a broker is an important decision that can affect whether or not your shipment arrives on time.

Osvil will act as your agent, performing all the steps necessary to obtain US Customs clearance for your goods. Our objective is to get your shipments released and delivered to their final destination as quickly as possible, every time. As an established and licensed US customs broker, Osvil will not only help your goods clear customs quickly, we’ll also make sure you’re aware of the necessary tariffs, duties and are properly declaring your commodities’ values. Our innovative, comprehensive approach leaves you free to focus on other aspects of your business.

As part of our import/export service we:

  • Advise on transportation options, types of carriers & shipping routes
  • Interact with all government agencies on your behalf
  • Prepare the required customs files
  • Arrange for payment of duties
  • Take steps to release goods in customs custody
  • Represent you in all matters related to customs

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